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'Our World : Our Home'

Original Authentic Piano Music  

Fresh Clean Harmonies, Pure Melodic Lines, and a Strong, Steady Beat.

Every sheet music purchase contributes to supporting those working on behalf of the planet in the environmental community.

Piece 1 'Escape'

'Imagination encircles the world'. Escape is about getting away from the everyday noise of things to somewhere peaceful, connecting and calm.

Piece 2 - 'Midnight' 

'Night is the mother of thought'. Midnight is about the peacefulness of the night and how its a quiet time when people think and dream.

Piece 3 - 'Glass House'

'Yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream'. Glass House is about the essence of time and how nothing lasts forever, as everything eventually fades away.

Play for The Planet and Inspire Those Around You  

Whenever you play Our World : Our Home

you'll know that the music you're playing is supporting

those in the frontline of the Global Climate Movement - How KOOL is that!

The Ocean CleanUp

Cleaning the world's oceans

Trees of Music

Saving the world's great forests


Fighting greedy corporations

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