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René Gruss

René Gruss has been called a musical maverick and a global voice. His 'spirited attitude has won him and his work an international following - from Harvard academics and European professionals to Chicago hip-hop artists and celebrity musicians. One fan - Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant - even chose his album Bellatrix as one of his top ten classical recordings for Classic FM’s The Secret Fan show describing it as “stunning”.

His music has the X factor, the magic ingredient of touching everyone across the musical divides. He is one of the most talented composers you’ve never heard of - but that is about to change.


He’s been in search of a new holy grail for classical music: a contemporary classical style that people actually like, and if that’s sounds confrontational it’s meant to be: he hasn’t spent over a decade defining his style to be afraid of taking a stand.

Now he’s back with a new style, a catalogue full of new music, and with a mission to inspire his fellow musicians to play for the well being of the planet. His lifelong love of the natural world, and deep concern for its future, have always been at the heart of his music.

His original and authentic music spans all areas of the musical spectrum - from solo piano compositions to full orchestral works, and from lyrical songs to full musical creations.


René is a multi-talented creative force, a visionary composer brimming with creativity and ideas; a man whose gift goes beyond the creation of the beautiful music that flows from his pen.


Like the man himself, his music is thoughtful, articulate and graceful. He is, in person, exactly what his music is - a breath of fresh air in an area of art that perhaps, more than most, is in need of a powerful shot in the arm.


Bellatrix was recorded 'live' with the Prague Chamber Orchestra at the Rudolphinum in Prague and was conducted by the composer.

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