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How to Start a Movement

Starting a movement ain’t easy.

It needs one crazy person with a brilliant idea, and the tenacity to make it happen. Then it takes the courage to get the idea out to the world.

First Followers Needed

Every movement needs its first followers to kickstart the journey and gain momentum!

Have a look at Derek Sivers’ entertaining Ted Talk, where he highlights the importance of the "first follower" in starting a movement. This person plays a crucial role in validating the idea and rallying others to join in.

Just like the lone-nut at the music festival who is joined by a second, and then a third follower, our KOOL Music Movement begins with a small group of dedicated people who believe in the vision.

Get the Word Out

As a grass-roots movement, growing naturally and organically, we need those first followers!

As one of our first members, your support at this critical early stage, would be immensely valuable. Please help grow the KOOL Music Movement by getting the word out, and showing others how to follow.

If others can’t see us dancing, how can they join in?!

We is the Key!

Let’s Get the Word Out!

Keep KOOL 😎

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