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'We are the music makers,

    And we are the dreamers of dreams,

Yet we are the movers and shakers

    Of the world for ever, it seems.'

Arthur O'Shaughnessy

Hey, I'm René Gruss

I'm a Composer, and the Creator of KLASSIC KOOL Music, and I'm on a mission to use my music for the good of the planet. 

I recently launched an album of solo piano music called ‘Our World : Our Home’ dedicated to the well-being of the planet, and I'm using proceeds from its sales to support the Global Climate Community. 

Things like cleaning the world’s oceans, saving the world’s great forests, and fighting the greedy corporations polluting our world.

Music Makers and the Climate Crisis

I’m concerned about the natural world, and I want to do something about it. The climate crisis is the issue of our times, and affects us all. 

Music can, and should play an important role in supporting and inspiring people in the current situation. The music community’s response to the climate crisis has been muted and uninspired.  As musicians we must step up and take action.  It’s time for new ideas, new energy, and fresh thinking.


My vision is PLAY FOR THE PLANET! - a grass roots initiative that inspires musicians and singers everywhere to play for the planet in support of the Global Climate Community. 

My goal is to build a community of like minded musicians who are environmentally concerned, and then develop exciting new events and initiatives to reflect the needs of today's audiences.

A Community of Like Minded Music Makers

I’m beginning by building a following of musicians on Instagram and reaching out to my fellow music makers who share my concerns about the environment, and want to make a difference.


The idea is to bring together musicians who care about the world; to inspire, and be inspired, to build relationships, and develop creative collaborations.


I’m starting with a call to people who play the Piano, the worlds most popular instrument. Play the Piano? Your Planet Needs You!

New Opportunities, New Events, New Audiences

We need music that is relevant to our time, music that resonates with the issues of our time, and music that reflects the trends and interests of today.

By uniting musicians, fans and the climate crisis, this presents an opportunity for the music community to create new music, develop new events, and reach new audiences.

There are millions of people who not only play a musical instrument and sing, but are concerned about the environment.


Imagine bringing all these people together to be part of something enjoyable and exciting, and using their love of music to help the planet. Wouldn’t that be KOOL!


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