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René Gruss

"Hey, I'm René


I'm a New Zealander, a Composer, the creator of KLASSIC KOOL Music, and

I am starting a music movement, an Environmental Music Movement.

I’ve been called a musical maverick, because I don't conform to the norms of the music industry. I'm independent,

I think ‘outside the box’, and I'm forging ahead with my own musical vision.

I believe in breaking down barriers and  pushing
boundaries with new ideas and fresh thinking. And that's why I am thrilled about the launch of my groundbreaking KOOL Piano Music Series as an App, NOT an Album.⚡️

Our planet needs us and we need our planet. Now is the time for us all to act.

I'm on a mission to use my music to do great things for the environment, and I aim to use profits from my music sales to support those on the front line of Activism.

I’m on a journey to create a new narrative with a fresh approach. My goal is to move, and motivate people through the beauty of KLASSIC KOOL Music.


Get ready to be inspired and see music in a whole new light. 


Welcome to my World." 

Our World : Our Home

Your Planet Needs You

Our World is Our Home.

Our home is our world.

It's where we and our family lives.

It's where we sleep, and where we feel safe.

If our home was under threat,

we would be very worried

and do all we could to protect it.

Our World and Our Home is under threat

We need to protect it - now! ⚡️

What You Can Do

It's Easy, it's Simple, and it's Enjoyable

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Join an Environmental Music Movement


Klassic Kool Music

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