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The Music

An organic KOOL Music style

in tune with the natural world.

The Projects


An inspiring project with a clear vision, about balance and reconnection.

The Movement


A KOOL Crowd of players and singers of KLASSIC KOOL Music.


KLASSIC KOOL Music is a new acoustic style in tune with the natural world, and carries an important environmental message - KOOL Music for a KOOL Planet.


KLASSIC KOOL Music is original and authentic.  It features fresh, clean harmonies, pure melodic lines, and a strong, steady beat. 

KLASSIC KOOL Music is created by composer René Gruss, the founder of The KOOL Music Movement.

KLASSIC KOOL Music's first project is called 'Our World Our Home’. It is centred on themes of balance, reconnection, and relaxation. The first set of this project features relaxing piano music.

To help our Planet cool down, we must KOOL down.  By reconnecting with the natural world, we can find balance, slow down and recharge.

The KOOL Crowd can enjoy relaxing piano music on the Our World : Our Home - Music Channel 

For KOOL Piano players, download and enjoy the

Our World : Our Home - Piano Set 1, for a relaxing, and connecting playing experience.


The KOOL Music Movement brings together a KOOL Crowd of players and followers of KLASSIC KOOL Music, who share a common love for music and a passion for the environment.

The Movements goal is to support those working on behalf of the planet, in the environmental community, through proceeds from music sales and fund raising events.

Actions and Goals are the driving force of the platform, and members gain higher status and receive greater rewards the more Actions they achieve.

It’s free to join the KOOL Music Movement, and it’s a fun and creative platform to connect with others, make new friends, showcase your performances and share your pictures with the KOOL Crowd.

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