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 Behind the Scenes
With René Gruss

"Hey, I'm René


I'm the composer, performer and creator of KLASSIC KOOL Music.

I’ve been called a musical maverick, because I don't conform to the norms of the music industry. I'm independent,

I think ‘outside the box’, and I'm forging ahead with my own musical vision.

I believe in breaking down barriers and  pushing boundaries with new ideas and fresh thinking. And that's why I am thrilled to announce the launch of my groundbreaking KOOL Piano Music Series as an App, NOT an Album.⚡️

I'm on a journey to use my music for social and environmental good and

I believe in the sweet power of beautiful music to enrich and transform lives.


Get ready to be inspired and see music in a whole new light. 


Welcome to my World." 

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The Beautiful World of KLASSIC KOOL Music

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